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Post Season Awards Information

All-District/ All-Region/All-State Selection Process

The MHSFCA has adopted a format for the selection to the All-District, All-Region, and All-State Teams.  The committee has determined that the All-State team should consist of 18 players on the first team and 18 players on the second team.  The positions of these players selected will be as follows: 6 infielders, 4 outfielders, 4 pitchers, 3 catchers and 1 AT-Large player for each team.  It is therefore recommended that the All-District and All-Region teams follow these same guidelines to ensure that enough quality players will be available to select the All-State teams.  For a player to be nominated and considered, one of their coaches MUST be a member of the Association.

Players shall be chosen based upon their performance for the entire season.  The players shall be nominated by their respective coaches and all nominations must be submitted on an OFFICIAL 2021 UPDATED NOMINATION FORMAll stats must be filled out for a player to be considered for an All-Region/State position.

The All-District players will be selected by the coaches of each district team.  All-District selections should be completed no later than the Friday before the Quarterfinal game.  A good time to do this is after the championship game of your District. MEET FACE TO FACE!

Here is the LINK to our form.  Remember to go to File: Make a copy.

Since not all districts have the same number of teams represented, we’d like to suggest the following guidelines in selecting an All-District team:

    5 team districts:        5 INF, 3 OF, 3 P, 3 C, 1 DP/UT, 1 At-Large (16 players total)

    6 team districts:        6 INF, 3 OF, 3 P, 3 C, 1 DP/UT, 1 At-Large (17 players total)

    7 or 8 team districts:    6 INF, 4 OF, 4 P, 3 C, 1 DP/UT, 1 At-Large (19 players total)

  • If a district feels they have more players at one position that are deserving and not enough players at another position, it is okay to move these recommendations around.  However, please don’t start adding too many more positions than are recommended to help keep the selections in balance with the other districts.  This will keep the selection more of an honor for the players that make the team.
  • If you have a player that has played more than one position, nominate them at the position you think will give them the best opportunity to be recognized at the high levels of selection since you cannot change the nomination later on. The At-Large position can be a DP or Utility player but can be any position on the field the coaches feel has another worthy first team representative.
  • Each district should rank their players as this helps the process as you go on.  The following voting procedure should be followed in each district.  When voting the coach can not vote for their own players.  Each player that is voted on should be ranked.  For example, for pitchers–1. Smith, 2. Jones, and 3. Doe.  When reading votes, the totals will be added up and the 3 highest totals will be your all district pitchers.  Any pitcher that does not receive a vote gets ranked as a 0 to keep the number of votes even.  The pitcher with the highest total gets ranked a 1, second would be a 2 and third would be a 3.  This helps with the all region meeting knowing who the best coming out of each district was.  This procedure should be followed for all positions.  Or you can use a similar ranking system from low to high.

The forms of the players selected to the All-District team will need to be forwarded to a designated member of the MHSFCA who will organize a meeting to select the All-Region Team.

At the All-Region meeting:

Class 1: Follow the same process at the district level except each district casts one vote.  This will keep one district with all 6 coaches showing up and out-voting another district that has 2 coaches show up.  

Class 2-5: 2 coaches from each district (district rep and 1 other) will vote following the same process as the district level.

If all coaches in attendance can agree, the committee is giving an option to select the all region with option a, below.  If not, must use option b.

    A. go through each position and discuss and/or pick the best players (use rankings from district voting)

    B. vote with 2 votes per district (can vote for your own)

For Class 1, the All-Region process will follow the same format as the All-District process and will consist of 19 players (6 infielders, 4 outfielders, 4 pitchers, 3 catchers, 1 DP/UT and 1 At-Large Position) from the 4 districts that meet in the quarterfinal game.  These would be:

    Region 1—Districts 1, 2, 3, and 4

    Region 2—Districts 5, 6, 7, and 8

    Region 3—Districts 9, 10, 11, and 12

    Region 4—Districts 13, 14, 15, and 16

For Classes 2-5, the All-Region process will be different from All-District since we have less teams in each region. The new numbers would be 5 infielders, 3     outfielders, 3 pitchers, 2 catchers, 1 DP/UT, and 2 At Large for a total of 16 players. 

    Region 1—Districts 1 & 2

    Region 2—Districts 3 & 4

    Region 3—Districts 5 & 6

    Region 4—Districts 7 & 8

The All-Region teams should be completed no later than the Monday following the State Championships in Springfield, MO.

The All-Region Teams will be forwarded to a MHSFCA Vice President in charge of handling each Class of schools nominations for All-State.  These representatives are:

Class 1—Angie Stone, Braymer      

Class 2—Paul Scifres/Highland  

Class 3—Christy Reeves/Pleasant Hill

Class 4—Wayne Montgomery/Windsor 

Class 5—Kristi Williams/Blue Springs South
Spring 1–Brent Neimeyer/Sweet Springs

Spring 2–Matt Schubert/Mt. Vernon

These nominations will be taken to a committee composed of coaches from each class of schools to select the All-state first and second teams by the second weekend after the State Championships.

Each player that is selected at the All-State level will receive a certificate from the MHSFCA to recognize her accomplishments.  A link for the certificate will be sent to the head coach to present to the awarded player.

While we realize that no system for selecting players is perfect, we believe that if we all work together in this process we can give our athletes something to be proud of when their season is over.

Good luck in the postseason,

Bryan Wallen

President MHSFCA