Looking for a game or tournament :

Seckman Varsity softball is looking for one team to fill our tournament.
It will be a 4 game tournament with 2 games Friday and 2 on Saturday.
The dates are September 13 and 14th.
There are 4 fields with fences and there will be no gap between games.
It will be held at Arnold Athletic which is located 20 minutes south of downtown St.Louis.
Here are the teams that are currently in the tournament
Fort Zumwalt West
St. Dominic
Rosati Kain
If interested you can contact me
Steve Bonastia ( head coach) 
or our AD
Ryun Kasten



Check out all the information going on Summer Camps to trying to find games.


HLGU Softball/Mark Twain Area FCA Softball Team Camp

The 2019 HLGU Softball/Mark Twain Area FCA Team softball camp will be held on June 5, 2019. The camp will be held on the campus of Hannibal LaGrange University. This is a situational softball camp where each of the six teams participating will be guaranteed 3 one hour games. Also, each player and coach will receive an FCA camp t-shirt, FCA lanyard, a meal, and drinks. Each team will receive an FCA Team Bible, Devotion Book, and a chance to listen to our guest speaker.


Our guest speaker will be Todd Mathew. Todd is the North Missouri Director of FCA. I KNOW Todd’s message will be a positive and touch the lives of everyone there.


The cost for the camp is $20 per player (minimum 10 players) and 1 softball per game. The rain date for the camp is Thursday, June 13, 2019. There is a tarp for the field so it will take extreme conditions to postpone. The first six teams signed up will be included in this camp. For liability reasons, each player participating must fill out an FCA waiver and an HLGU waiver. FCA is all done on line and there is a copy of the HLGU waiver included with your FCA registration.


GAMES: Each inning of the game will allow your players to see and execute different situations. The runners can be chosen from your substitutes or the last out, or two outs from the previous inning. Your choice. Each game will end when the one hour time limit has expired. There will be no official score kept but high school softball rules will be followed.


When six teams have signed up, each coach will receive a schedule of games. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Joe Brandenburg or Dan Hurst. Thanks for taking the time to look at this information and we hope to hear from you very soon.

Joe Brandenburg                                                                            Dan Hurst

Mark Twain Area FCA Rep.                                                               Head Softball Coach – HLGU

211 Westview                                                                                 2800 Palmyra Road

Palmyra, MO   63461                                                                       Hannibal, MO   63401                                                 

573-248-6606                                                                                573-629-3215

jbrandenburg@fca.org                                                                      dhurst@hlg.edu




This is Coach Pat from Finlandia University. I am reaching out to you to see if any of your players will be attending the TMB Combine in your area this summer? Our head coach is sending us there to find players to help out our program in the future. If you could taker the time to send me some names of players I should be looking at and their contact info that would be great.

We are a D3 located in Michigan with very good financial packages for our players and families. Hopefully you have some guys you would like to promote and I will be able to see them this summer.

Coach Hallahan
Finlandia Athletics




 Seckman JV softball is looking for a local tournament. We would be willing to travel a little more than an hour.

We are located in Imperial, approximately 20 miles south of ST.Louis city.
We can play any weekend with the exception of Labor Day weekend.
We would be willing for a Friday /Saturday , but would prefer a 1 day on a Saturday.
If you have an opening please contact our 
Ryun Kasten
Steve Bonastia - head coach


2019 Fayette/New Franklin Summer Softball Letter 

Fayette High School and New Franklin High School will be hosting summer softball team camps. There will be five team camps this summer May 28th, May 29th, June 3rd, June 5th, June 10th.  Rain Dates June 12th and June 17th. Cost breakdown is listed below. The more camps that you attend the cheaper the cost will be. We will play games 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. on all four days. You will play three games a day. We will have a MSHSAA certified umpire calling balls and strikes. Games are MSHSAA rules with free substitution and an hour and 15 minute drop dead  time limit to stay on time. I look forward to seeing your team this summer.

Cost Breakdown:

1st Camp attended:  $105.00

2nd Camp attended:  $95.00

3rd Camp attended:  $85.00

4th Camp attended:   $75.00

5th Camp attended: $70.00

 2 camps= $200.00

3 camps= $285.00

4 camps= $360.00

5 camps= $430.00

 A total cost 430.00 to attend all five  camps. Checks made payable to Mike James or Ross Dowell.  Money is due May 1st.



1.       Seventy-Five Minute Time Limit (Drop-Dead Time)

2.       We will utilize a five run scoring limit, to keep the games going.

3.       We will allow free substitution.

4        After the fourth inning we will start with a 1-1 count.

5.       We will need the fees, paid by May 1st.  Make Checks payable to Mike James or Ross Dowell.


****Once Schedules have emailed, changes will be extremely difficult.   


Teams entered last year :

New Franklin


Salisbury J.V.



Pilot Grove







La Plata





Falcons (Fayette J.V)




Fayette High School Address: 510 North Cleveland Street,  Fayette MO. 65248



 Centralia Softball Team Camp Information

2019 Team Camp.docx




My name is Cortney and I am the Event Coordinator for TMB Softball. I emailed you a month ago in regards to our events coming to the Midwest this Summer. We would greatly appreciate you passing along this information to your players to remind them the early registration period clsoes on March 1st. By signing up before March 1st they are able to attend for $100 (normal price is $125). If you have 5+ players attend they can each receive an additional $25 off, if 9+ attend they each receive $50 off (if interested in the team specials let me know for discount codes).


Midwest College Camps:

*Indiana Wesleyan University, IN - June 18th

*Albion College, MI - June 19th

*Trinity International University, IL - June 20th

*Concordia University, WI - August 6th

*Waldorf University, IA - August 7th

At the event players will be partiipating in the following:

*Test outs (Home to 1B, Home to 2B, MPH, Bat Velo), done by College Coaches

*Written Evaluations on defense and offense, done by College Coaches 

*Instructional Camp done by College Coaches 

*Recruit/College Talk with College Coaches 

*Profile created on www.collegescoutingbureau.net 

*Skills Video created (optional)


I have attached a flyer for each event for you to take a look at and pass along as well. Any players interested can click "register now" on the right or head to:https://campscui.active.com/orgs/TMBSports#/selectSessions/2431803 There they can find the college coaches attending as well.


We greatly appreciate you taking the time to pass this along to your player & parents. 

If you have any questions let me know!